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Shannon is a proud wife of 30 years, a mother & grandmother. She has volunteered and won multiple awards for her work with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and has been a Wish Grantor for the Make A Wish Foundation. She has volunteered to help others most of her life, learning selfless giving from her grandparents as a child. She has been in Vero Beach for over 38 years and has worked for Evans Properties, Inc. for 23 of those years.

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Shannon Conn

President & Founder




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Jayne has lived in Vero Beach since 1980, has1 daughter and two teenage grandchildren. She has studied psychology and social services and has worked for Harbor Branch & Samaritan Center for Homeless Families.  She has volunteered for St Helens, and assisted with hurricane relief.

Lisa is a lifelong resident of Vero Beach having moved away only briefly before finding her way back home. Lisa has served the Vero Beach Jaycees as Secretary (3yrs), Treasurer (2yrs), Director (7yrs) and Chairman to the Vero Beach JR Jaycees (2yrs). She has also volunteered with the Vero Beach Veterans and Vero Beach Eagles in many capacities over the years. Lisa is retired and chooses to give back to her community with her free time.

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Deni Willard

Treasurer & Co-Founder

Deni is a proud mother of her 3 children and her grandson. She moved from Vermont in 1982 and has been working in the Accounting field since 1995. She has volunteered and supported many different nonprofit organizations through the years, however, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is one that she holds near and dear to her heart as she volunteered on behalf of her late niece.

Nicole is a single mom of 3 boys, 26, 24 and 15 years old and grandmother to an amazing 2 1/2 year old granddaughter.

Nicole is a US Navy Veteran.

She has worked with numerous nonprofits over the years including baseball and soccer leagues, PTO/A's in 5 states, Student Advisory Councils' and veterans organizations. She has served these organizations as Treasurer, Secretary and Vice President. She is also a former recipient of Kristina Conn Foundation's Christmas Family Gift Event and is excited to help other families through their crisis.


Nicole O'Neill