Vero Beach


we have a community member diagnosed with
stage 3 cervical cancer.
Sadly, it is inoperable!

Vero Beach Neighborhood and Kristina Conn Foundation are teaming up to help mitigate some of her and her partner's expenses by collecting funds. These funds will be used to cover her needs, especially food and groceries as this is one of her biggest needs right now.

She cannot work, and her partner has to miss work to take her to her doctor and chemo appointments. Co-pays, medications, and bills are adding up to a level that is  not sustainable without help.

If you have a tangible gift, gift card, etc., please contact Danielle Wynkoop on Facebook or at to arrange pick up or drop off.

We appreciate any amount or items you can give to help our community neighbor, in her time of need.

100% of Funds raised on this website will go to the family

$5,000 Goal