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$5,000 Goal

As of 12/08/2020

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The fight is on...


Teppi is a wonderful woman who needs our help to pay for her upcoming surgery. She was previously diagnosed with Lobular Breast Cancer, Stage 3, just 2 days before Thanksgiving 2019. She had a double mastectomy at the end of January of 2020.  Teppi is still fighting the fight and is in need of another surgery, scheduled for November 24th, just before Thanksgiving.  This is the perfect time for all of us to be thankful for our own health while helping someone else obtain theirs.

Teppi's out of pocket expenses are estimated to be $5,000+ even with insurance, which is well beyond her disability income. The chemotherapy medication she is on, is preventing her from being able to work at all right now. Her disability income is the only income she has.

We at Kristina Conn Foundation (KCF) are asking our community to come together and help Teppi. She needs this surgery to have a fighting chance but needs help to pay for it.  Your donations are tax deductible (verify with your tax preparer) and 100% of the funds raised through this website will go directly to Teppi.

We ask you to please keep her in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time and donate what you can...EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!


Help us, help Teppi as she navigates this difficult journey.

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Click on the "Take them a Meal" icon above, this link will provide you with all the information needed to ensure Teppi will not have to worry about food.  

When signing up, you will be able to select the date you would like to sign up for, enter your name, email address and phone number along with what food you plan to bring or send them.  If you are “sending" a meal, you can either order something through "Take Them A Meal" and have it delivered or you can contact a local restaurant (or any place that will delivered prepared foods) and have something delivered to them.  


It is very important to enter the meal you plan to bring/send, so the family does not end up with repetitive meals night after night.  


Please read through the "NOTE" section for special details and instructions.  This section will list any allergies and food items that should be avoided (if applicable).  It will also have delivery times and instructions requested by the family. Please do your best to adhere to deliver times however, if you do need to make other arrangements for delivery, please follow the instruction given. The family hopes you understand they truly appreciate your generosity and meal delivery, however, staying to visit at this time is not an option.




1. Consider sending your meals in disposable containers. We don't want the family to have to keep track of your pans and bowls etc. It also means the family will have less dishes :) 


2. Consider sending enough beverages to go with your meal.


3. Consider sending enough disposable plates & plastic ware for your meal.


The goal is to fill in every date, at least as many as possible so Teppi can focus on recovering.