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Join us in a safe, friendly & comfortable environment to talk about life challenges you've experienced.

Sharing in this group allows you to release some stress by sharing your challenge and allowing others to help you carry it. It also gives you the opportunity to hear how someone else may have managed a similar challenge and got through it.

The opportunity to meet new people and potentially develop lifelong friendships is ever so present as you learn about what others have experienced and possibly share some of the same emotions. 

Often people who experience life challenges experience some form of mental health matter. Through PEER TALKS, we want to break the barriers of stigmas associated with depression and poor mental health and support those who share with us by directing them to resources available for support. 

Please note we are not doctors, psychiatrists, or therapists, we are everyday people who wish to support those who want it and help fight against the stigmas about mental health wellness.

We believe that everyone has the right to be HEARD and supported while learning how to be healthy and whole.


Hope: Hope should inspire, not be lost

Empathy: We are in this together

Acceptance: We accept people where they are without judgment

Respect: Acknowledging your challenges by respectfully hearing your words

Dignity: Understanding the importance of humanity while it is challenged

Where sharing means caring!

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