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Above the Clouds

The loss of a child leaves you existing  in a world you no longer recognize.

Author: Shannon Conn


This is a story about Ruth, a 28 year old mother battling life after loosing her 6 month old son Kai. Its hard enough losing a child, but when you have another who is counting on and depending on you there is a sense of disconnect from reality. Ruth has a 4 year old daughter named Freya and is currently 23 weeks pregnant. She and her fiancé of 4 years Tyler, have had a very difficult time learning how to grieve the loss of their son. It is especially difficult for Tyler who also lost his little brother a few weeks before Kai passed away due to a tragic four-wheeler accident involving a drunk driver in a truck. They were visiting family when this happened and Tyler blames himself because his brother took time off work to visit with them. It is still a very traumatizing memory.

On September 12th, 2019, Kai passed away in his sleep due to SIDS. As said by his mother, Ruth: 

"He was awake just hours prior to passing. It was early in the morning that day and he was up for his regular bottle and diaper change, so it just went how every morning ever went. I changed him and fed him and then we both went back to sleep. He always went back to sleep after his first bottle in the morning and I was usually able to sneak in a few more hours of sleep before he was up for the day. But that day he didn’t get back up and when I woke up, I just knew something was wrong because I slept a little longer than usual. He would usually wake me up by cooing and just making noises in his bassinet. I went over to his bassinet, and he had rolled over on his stomach and looked like he was just sleeping but my gut told me to pick him up. He wasn’t breathing so I called 911 and they were able to calm me down enough so I could start CPR. I am very traumatized from that day because I don’t think I was doing the CPR right and fluids started coming out of his nose. I lost it when that happened. The paramedics finally arrived and took him to the hospital, but they were unable to help him, it was just too late. They tried for what seemed like hours and hours to revive him, but nothing worked. It took about a week for us to get the results of his autopsy and they had ruled it to be SIDS. So, to this day I still have no real answers as to what happened and deep down I blame myself. I should have never gone back to sleep that morning." 

Recently, Ruth was in the hospital and tested positive for COVID. The following is her experience as said in her own words:

"My COVID experience was absolutely miserable. I went to the hospital initially because I could not stop throwing up. It was every 15-20 minutes and anything I tried at home seemed to make it worse. When I got to the hospital, they tested me for COVID and gave me an IV and meds to help me stop throwing up. The meds only helped for about an hour maybe and then I was right back to throwing up, so they started to switch back and forth between meds for nausea. They got my results back that I was positive for COVID and wanted to give me the antibodies and also wanted to keep me there due to them not being able to control the vomiting. They said due to me being early in my pregnancy that my body was extra sensitive to the symptoms, and they wanted to keep an eye on me. I was dehydrated and my potassium was also severely low that they didn’t want me getting up and moving around in fear that I might pass out. They couldn’t give me anything orally, so they did everything in bags or through IV and kept doing bags with potassium as well. They kept me for 4 days and I was on a heart monitor the entire time. I was still throwing up when I left but nowhere near as bad. But due to how much I had thrown up my entire throat, mouth and lips were blistered, and I couldn’t eat or really drink anything unless it was water or broth. It felt like acid and burned if it was anything else. I didn’t really have any other symptoms besides chills and dizziness. It’s been just over 3 weeks since I tested positive, and I am just now starting to feel back to normal. I am just still really dizzy for some reason so it’s hard for me to be active around home. I have to lay down frequently or I feel as if I might pass out. It’s just been miserable."


This young family has been handed a handful of back to back horrible situations. Add to this time off of work and not feeling like you can go on, this family NEEDs our help. Please donate to help compensate for their time off of work. Please donate so they can seek the emotional and mental help they need to process all of this and not worry about how they will pay their bills by doing so. Lets help take a little of this load off so they have time to figure out how to heal and prepare for the birth of their son, that I'm sure they are scared to death of losing. Their daughter Freya deserves to have them whole again. 

We at Kristina Conn Foundation (KCF) are asking our community to come together to help Ruth & her family.  Your donations are tax deductible (verify with your tax preparer) and 100% of the funds raised through this website will go directly to them. 

We ask you to please keep their family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.


Help us, help Ruth and her family as they 
navigate through this difficult time.

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If you would like to help Ruth welcome her baby boy to this world with a gift, please visit her Amazon List and have something delivered right to her. Lets show her some love and give her the joy of knowing we care.