Monetary Donation

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Below are different ways to donate and sponsor this event.  Your donations will be used to make sure every member of every family has the opportunity to celebrate equally & together on Christmas Day regardless of age. 

Beginning December 20th through December 22nd, the selected families will pickup their gifts & meal packages. These packages will contain a minimum of 1 wrapped gift for each adult, 2 wrapped gifts for each child, gifts for each pet, household & hygiene items and a complete holiday meal including dessert.
To participate and bring joy to a local family this holiday, all you need to do is review the list below and decide on how you want to sponsor a family.  Click the donate button next to the amount you would like to donate and follow the prompts...we will do the rest!

On behalf of our volunteers and the families we support, THANK YOU for making a difference and joining our mission.

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Adult Gift

One gift will be purchased, wrapped and delivered for a selected adult. (gifts will vary)


Child Gift

Two gifts will be purchased, wrapped and delivered for a selected child. (gifts will vary but will try to fulfill 1 outfit & 1 toy)


Pet Gift

A gift & treat(s) will be purchased, packaged and delivered to a selected family pet. (gift & treat(s) will vary)


Household & Hygiene Gift

Cleaning products and/or personal hygiene items will be provided to the family. (items will vary)


Family Meal

A complete meal will be purchased, packaged and delivered to a selected family. (meals will vary)


Meal & Gifts for a Family of FOUR

A complete meal, one gift for each adult and two gifts for each child, pet gifts & household & hygiene items will be purchased, packaged, wrapped and delivered for a selected family of four. (meal & gifts will vary)


Make your own Donation

Enter your own amount to be a sponsor. Your donation will go toward a family for Christmas.



Funds donated through this webpage are used to sponsor local families for Christmas as stated. Once Christmas has been provided for all selected families, remaining funds (if any) will be used by KCF to assist local families in crisis throughout the year. ALL items go to families.