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Love Yourself

8 week transformation journey 2

mind, body & spirit

Presented by:

Kristina Conn Foundation &

Dr. Chris Festa, River's Edge Urgent Care


Love Yourself

A  Gift for Yourself!

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What better way to celebrate your life than to show yourself self love. This transformation journey is geared to help you become the very best version of yourself. We have a variety of top professionals in their field that will educate you, guide you and encourage you to make small positive changes in your daily life, so they will last a lifetime.


This is NOT a quick weight loss challenge, this is NOT a boot camp, this is NOT a fad diet, we are NOT selling any products....this transformation journey will be a motivational and encouraging resource to get you more active and hold you accountable for eight weeks of better choices.  You will be encouraged to make small, consistent changes in your: nutrition, self awareness, physical health, fitness and your overall well-being. You'll receive top advice and guidance from our professionals who will answer your questions and educate you along the way, You will receive daily challenges to do at your own pace. You will be able to communicate with other participants and support and encourage each other as you see progress being made along this journey.  

Our professionals want to help you achieve your personal goals and have offered their expertise to you through this journey for only a $50 registration fee. 

As with any change you make in life, the amount of effort you put in, is a direct reflection of what you get out. The more you participate and interact on this journey, the better  your chances for long term positive change.

Its time to celebrate YOU and the success of every permanent change you make to better yourself.

What you need to join the journey

A Facebook account

Scale that shows pounds and ounces

Measuring tape

Smart phone, iPad, computer

Zoom app

$50 registration fee

Willingness to make changes

Willingness to participate in a virtual group setting


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Everyone wants to be a winner!!

Although this journey is to encourage you to make life long positive changes, a little competition never hurt anyone. Every participant who is actively engaged in the fitness & wellness segments of the journey will be entered into a chance to win weekly giveaways. At the end of this eight week transformation, all participants who actively complete and finish all accountability tasks, will receive a completion certificate and an IV Myers Cocktail from Dr. Chris Festa. 

Cash prizes will be awarded

1st Place - Weight Loss %

2nd Place - Weight Loss %


1st Place - Fitness %

2nd Place - Fitness %


Each 1st place winner will receive $150 cash prize AND your choice of either

Botox or CO2 Facial by Dr. Chris Festa 

Each 2nd place winner will receive $75 cash prize AND a 30 minute 1on1 Yoga session with Amy Shoemaker

  Our Professionals


Dr. Chris Festa

DNP, Owner

Monday at 7:00 PM


Each week Dr. Chris will dive into and discuss how to optimize your health. She is offering each participant (at the start of your transformation journey) a free wellness evaluation where she will review your lab work to see if you have hormonal imbalance, thyroid related issues and or are insulin resistance.

PROFESSIONALS OFFER - FREE lab requisition and review of lab results to see if there are any imbalances, thyroid related issues and or insulin resistance. Discussion on how to resolve any possible issues or areas that need attention.

Kelley Smith

Business Owner and

Keto Coach

Tuesday at 7:00 PM

Keto pic.jpg

Kelly will share her vast knowledge of ketones and how to utilize them along with a low carb lifestyle for better health and longevity.

PROFESSIONALS OFFER - 2 FREE singles packs of ketones 

David Puglisi

Owner of Atlas Custom Training. Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Wednesday at 11:30 AM


David will show you follow along equipment free workouts designed for those needing a lunch break to get up and move! "Improve your functional strength for everyday living with full body mobility exercises and stretching. Improve your range of motion, posture, and concentration to feel centered to take on the rigors of the day."

PROFESSIONALS OFFER - 50% off your 1st In-Home Personal Training Session ($50 for 1-hour) OR 50% off 1st month of Online Fitness Coaching ($100) Offer only valid during the journey.

Debby McManus

Life & Fitness Coach

Thursdays at 7:30 AM

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Debby will be the person who motives you, inspires you and encourages you. She will provide tips on how to stay the course and enjoy the journey.

PROFESSIONALS OFFER - Debby's Virtual Workout Garage, 3 months for $90 (50% discount) Offer valid during the journey. 

Group Life Coaching - Dear Girl Inside Tribe; Private Facebook group for women. Debby guides you from overwhelmed, overthinking and self-doubting to happy, healthy and free by awakening and empowering your girl inside. 3 month session $147 (50% discount) Session begins May 15

Susana Marikle, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Friday at 2:00 PM

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Susie will address and foster discussion on topics such as the relationships between self-worth and well-being, strategies to maximize our ability to live our lives as comfortably as possible, and how to achieve the changes you seek, all from a realistic, actionable perspective.  We all deserve to be the best possible versions of ourselves and can learn strategies to make it happen!

Joy Nottage

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist

Saturday at 10:00 AM

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Joy will provide a 45 minute strength and cardio class using your bodies as resistance. All exercises will be able to be modified for any fitness level. No special equipment required.

PROFESSIONALS OFFER - FREE consult anytime during or after the journey. 25% off any training package purchased during the journey June 13, 2021 through August 8, 2021. 

Read the rules before you sign up.

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