2020 Treasure Coast Gingerbread Competition

We welcome you and your families to participate in the Treasure Coast Gingerbread Competition! The theme for the competition will be “A Florida Holiday” We want families to design and create their best representation of how they celebrate Holidays in Florida, using gingerbread and other yummy treats!  All proceeds will go to Kristina Conn Foundation of Vero Beach. Your submission entries will be on display on December 20th at the Island Style hair Studio, 1636 N. Central Ave, Sebastian, FL 32958.

How to Enter:

Treasure Coast Gingerbread Competition is open to everyone; any age, any experience level, just do your best! To participate, please register online or fill out our entry form (page 2) and return it to the Competition Coordinator, Stacy Bond, no later than December 12th, 2020. Entry forms may be emailed to ( You must also submit a registration donation fee with your entry form. Gingerbread submissions will not be accepted and displayed unless they have been pre-registered and have an accompanying registration fee. There will be no late entries accepted.

Categories for Submissions:

There will be three major categories you can enter your submissions into: Individual, Team, and Virtual. In the individual category, winners will be evaluated based off their age group: 12 and under, 13- 17 and 18 and over. In the team category (two or more people), winners will be evaluated based off the subgroup submitted in their entry form. The subgroups for teams are: Professional (ex: a professional baker), Family (you and the people in your home), and Organization (ex: Scout troops or school/church groups). In the virtual category, winners will be evaluated in one large group unless there are enough submissions to warrant subgroups (if so, you will be notified and asked which subgroup you’d like to be placed in).

Entry Fee:

$10 for Individual and $15 for Families/Group

How to Start Building:

  • Each submission must have gingerbread in it.

  • Each submission must sit on a solid base that is no larger than 2x2 feet (unless pre-approved).

  • Except for the base and lights (if applicable), everything within the submission must be made from edible materials.

  • You may not use common display materials (cardboard/plastic) to support your edible pieces.

  • Submissions may be illuminated with battery operated lights only.

  • Submissions can look like a traditional house, or you may get creative and use other structure forms like trains, towns, sleds, etc.

  • Please submit a short paragraph (250 words maximum) with information on who made the piece, a description of the piece, and any other fun information you want to include. Paragraphs will be printed on small cards and displayed next to submissions for the judges to read.

  • Virtual entries should submit a video that shows all sides of the submission, while describing the materials used. Please also take a “showcase” photo of your submission for us to print out and display with the in-person submissions. Photos should be submitted by December 12, 2020 to be printed in time for the showing.


How you will be Judged:

Judging will be held on December 20th. Submissions will be judged based on: Creativity, Originality, Appearance, Attention to Detail.  Winner’s prizes and ribbons will be placed on displays on December 20th.

How to Drop Off your Submission:

Completed houses must be delivered to Island Style hair Studio, 1636 N. Central Ave, Sebastian, FL 32958 on Saturday December 19, 2020 between 4:00 pm and 6:30 pm. Public display of submissions will begin on Sunday, December 20, 2020 between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Submissions must be picked up between 4:30 and 6:30 on Sunday December 20, 2020, unless they have been donated and auctioned off in the Silent Auction, where all proceeds will be given to the Kristina Conn Foundation. Please contact Stacy Bond at 434-987-5491 for questions.