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Medical Equipment...

the struggle is real

Charlee has come along way and is doing well, at home with her mom, dad & her brothers. She still needs lots of medical attention but is growing with a big personality.  Josh & Ariel (Dad & Mom) have started the process to acquire Charlee a wheelchair/medical stroller. Once approved, it will take 3 to 6 months to build and receive. 


Just before they found out they were pregnant with Charlee, they purchased a Dodge Journey to comfortably fit their family for outings.  Now with Charlee, her equipment and her nurse, they simply cannot go on outings together as a family. They have attempted to go without the nurse (because they don't all fit) and the outing was so stressful, they've decided its not feasible to do it again. Once the wheelchair/medical stroller arrives, there will be even less room in the vehicle and they will not have an option to ride together as a family. Any family outings will have to be taken in two separate vehicles. Unfortunately their other vehicle is an unreliable truck so they would have to stay close to home.  

With Charlees' medical equipment, travel for her medical care, three boys and normal everyday expenses, this family needs help with a down payment for a vehicle that will fit their family. They need a passenger van that will hold all of them, plus Charlees' medical equipment and her nurse.   

They are a family of 7 (including Charlee's nurse) working hard and have survived not only a year of a pandemic but the premature birth of their daughter who has a very rare chromosome anomaly, Trisomy 9 Mosaicism. This family needs a break and a little assistance to over come this next challenge...they need your help so their family outings are taken together. 

Lets help the Geeraerts obtain the vehicle necessary to ride as a family