Christmas Wreath Red
Image by Mike Arney
Christmas Wreath Red

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Making the magic of Christmas happen

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As an EVENT sponsor, your company would ensure local families within our community that they would not suffer during this holiday season.  Your sponsorship gives Kristina Conn Foundation (KCF) the support it needs to provide for those families who would otherwise go without. 


The benefits to your company by becoming an Event Sponsor and joining forces with KCF and its mission, are many.  While aligning your company with and supporting our non-profit, your company would be prominently featured on all of our social media platforms including our event website. Your company would also be featured on all event publications (provided time allows for it) and we would verbally mention your business as an Event Sponsor when speaking to people and other businesses within our community. All of this adds up to positive feed back and advertising for your company while making a direct positive impact on local families who need us.  

The exposure to your company by locking arms with our organization is clear and beneficial, although the real reward for doing so, is exponentially bigger. Your company will have a direct impact on many families within our community that need our help and reassurance. The nature of our mission changes peoples lives daily and gives them hope to continue moving forward in an otherwise hopeless situation. We along with your sponsorship will reassure these families there is ALWAYS LOVE AND HOPE in any situation.