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A tragic car accident leaves a son clinging to life.


In the early morning hours of Friday, August 6th, 2021 it was reported by WTOC Savannah that a crash closed the intersection of Montgomery Street and Oglethorpe Avenue. The Savannah Police, the Georgia State Patrol and EMS were all on scene.

Clayton Houston grew up in Vero Beach, Florida where is mother Debbie Houston still resides. Clayton's accident was major and his injuries are as severe as they can be.  He sustained 11 broken ribs, a broken vertebrate in his back, dislocated ankle, small tear in his aorta and 4 blood clots in his lungs. Clayton is a medical challenge as well as a size challenge for his medical team at 6' 4" and 350 lbs. He is currently intubated and in a medical induced coma.

His mother dropped everything and went to Savannah to be by her sons side. After days gone by, she is running out of money for food and a place to stay. The Garcia family, in Vero Beach who are VERY close friends of the family, have covered her hotel expenses this far but clearly she needs more help. She will continue to be there to make medical decisions for her son's wellbeing and will need financial assistance to continue to stay. 


We at Kristina Conn Foundation (KCF) are asking our community to come together to help this mother during be able to stay by her sons side as he clings to life. Your donation is tax deductible (verify with your tax preparer) and 100% of the funds raised through this website will go directly to Debbie. 

We ask you to please keep Clayton in your thoughts and prayers as he has a very long road ahead of him and please keep his mother Debbie in your thoughts and prayers as she goes through this touch and go emotional rollercoaster.

Help us, help Clayton's mother to be able to stay by his side.

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Pictures provided by Deborah Houston

Clayton's Continued Journey

Clayton's doctors are desperately trying to give him the much needed back surgery however he has not been stable enough. When things begin to look like his is stabilizing something changes and he becomes critical again.    

On Thursday, 8/12 Debbie sent word that his doctor feels with the huge team of surgeons in place that Clayton is strong enough for his back surgery.  She stated "this rollercoaster ride has me going crazy but as long as we're climbing uphill, I'll take it. Keep Praying guys."  The doctors told Debbie Claytons back surgery is scheduled for 2:00 pm as long has he continues to hold his own through the night. For the first time, Friday morning, Clayton seemed to be in stable condition and his doctors decided to take advantage and took him to surgery 2 hours early. Sadly, the surgery did not happen as his oxygen levels plummeted and the rollercoaster ride continues. He is now considered critically stable. 

On Sunday morning, 8/15 his ventilator was at 50%, oxygen levels at 96% and he seemed to be taking deep breaths on his own. The 102* temperature he was running is also started coming down.

Things change so quickly!

Monday, 8/16 Clayton is suddenly having problems with his lungs. His pulmonary doctor will do a procedure this afternoon to try and clear them out. If his lungs diminish that is not good and certainly means no back surgery. The family asks that you continue to pray!

Updates from Deborah -

8/16 Monday nights update on Clayton:

It was late when I got to talk to the doctor. Claytons procedure went well. Mainly they went in his lungs to clear out any fluids and to see if any bacteria was growing. He's oxygen levels did fall, but that was to be expected. So now we wait and we pray. Clayton is holding on and so am I. Please, please keep the prayers coming. He needs all of them. Thank you all so much for staying with us.

8/17 Tuesday - Just back from the hospital. Clayton's hanging in there. Thursday the doctors want to try again to repair his back. WE need to pray, pray, pray that this can finally be done. Yes, this rollercoaster ride just doesn't stop.

8/20 Friday - Clayton Houston update: After that night from hell Clayton seems to be doing better. All his vitals seem to be improving. This is a good sign. Now we have to pray hard to get him off the ventilator. He's not breathing on his own yet. So this is our next step. Again. I'm begging you all to pray hard. Pray for Clayton please.

8/26 Thursday - Clayton goes to surgery at 11:00. What a day. Clayton came through his surgery. He has 2 rods and a bunch of pins in his back. They were able to stablized his ribs. He came through it like a champ. Thank you God. Still lots of work to get him better but we're on the way.

8/27 Friday update: Clayton is doing fine. He had to have a unit of blood last night but that was to be expected. This morning he had another CT scan. Won't know about that till later. He's still in the coma and I have no idea when he'll be out of it. I want to thank ALL of you for helping Clayton and our family through this. We still have a very long ride ahead of us. Please keep Clayton in your prayers. I truly love you all. I couldn't do this without you. 

9/2 Thursday update: Had one of his doctors tell me this morning that he just doesn't know if Clayton will make it. Words like this crush me. But I'm holding on to my faith in God. Claytons lungs are what's holding everything back. He's had many baby steps but they're not enough yet. They're going to try a different type of ventilator and take him off the meds. that paralyze him to see if his lungs will start coughing on their own. If this works, we're another step closer to healing. All my prayer warriors, I need you so bad. Clayton needs you. Please pray, pray hard, pray with all your heart. I know I keep asking for you all to pray but this is where we are at. It's all in Gods hands. Our prayers have to be heard.

9/3 Friday update: Another bad night. Clayton crashed last night again. That makes 4 times we've almost lost him. But, he came through it. This morning he was running a temp. again. Doctors had to clear his lungs again. That make 3 times in less than 24 hours. But what they found was that he once again has pneumonia. They believe this is what caused the problems for the past few days. Once again they are going to clear this up and hope and pray nothing else happens. Clayton was actually doing good with his baby steps until the pneumonia showed up. So, my prayer warriors we still need you. Pray, pray, pray. We're going to get through this. It's one moment at a time. My love to all of you. And Thank you. WE GOT THIS!!!!!