Christmas Family Gift Event

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As the holiday season swiftly approaches, the best way to celebrate this time of year is by giving back to our community.

Kristina Conn Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit, donor-supported organization that assists families who experience life challenges due to sudden and or unexpected crisis.


We at Kristina Conn Foundation, are on a mission to eliminate “some” stresses that occur during this time of year after a family has experienced crisis.  There are many causes for such a thing, for example, job loss, accident, medical complications, house fire, separation or divorce, loss of a spouse, just to name a few.  With your help, we provide families with a complete holiday meal, household & hygiene items and gifts for ALL family members regardless of age that are residing in their home, including their pets (meal, household & hygiene & gifts will vary).


We believe ALL family members should be able to celebrate equally, not just the youngest children and that Parents need support and acknowledgement for their hard work and dedication to their family through their struggle. We tend to forget that some families do not have a support system and must do “life” on their own. We at KCF want to encourage, support, and reassure these families so they know & believe there is ALWAYS LOVE AND HOPE in any situation.

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Assisting families in Indian River County and surrounding areas from Barefoot Bay to North Fort Pierce.

Where every family member,

regardless of age,

celebrates Christmas equally

Christmas Wreath Red
Christmas Wreath Red

Presented by Kristina Conn Foundation