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Application Instructions


We, at Kristina Conn Foundation, extend our sincere compassion to you and your family in need of assistance.  The mission of Kristina Conn Foundation, a non-profit donor-supported organization, is to assist families who experience life challenges due to sudden and or unexpected crisis. We will do our best to assist in any way we can to relieve stressors during the crisis.


Please click the "Application" button below, give as much detail as possible. The more detailed and specific you are about the situation, the more thorough we can be in our efforts to find and offer assistance.  We work hard to reach a decision on approval as quickly as possible.

The Website & Media Release and the Request for Additional Assistance consent is required for Kristina Conn Foundation to distribute funds directly to your family and to seek assistance over and above what Kristina Conn Foundation can provide themselves.


We will do our very best to assist your family’s needs, however, please be aware assistance is not guaranteed.


We at Kristina Conn Foundation want families to know, there is


**** NOTE****
We are very aware of the housing crisis in our area and
nfortunately, we DO NOT HAVE the ability to provide or offer housing to anyone. 

Currently unable to accept nominations or applications

This application is for YOUR family. If you want to Nominate a family you know who needs assistance, click